Auto Enrolment

Preparing your business for auto enrolment

The enrolment of your employees who meet certain criteria into a workplace pension is now a legal requirement. And it’s your responsibility to ensure this is put into place.

The workplace pension affects any business with employees and figuring out your obligations can be time consuming, costly and confusing. With our help, M J Evans & Co can get you fully compliant ahead of time.

With our auto enrolment service, we’ll help you:

  • Check employee eligibility
  • Review employer contributions
  • Set up new or review existing pensions
  • Help manage your payroll systems
  • Submit contributions directly to your pension provider
  • Stay compliant

Auto enrolment may have started being phased in already, but don’t risk fines and penalties if you haven’t made plans yet. M J Evans & Co are here to help your business.

Get the clarity and support you need to put your workplace pension scheme into place. For more information on this or any of our other services, contact us today on 01626 819410 or email us on

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